Greywood is a small city in the south of Vadera. Named after the famous Grey Wolf of the Forestlands, the city is conservative in some values, militaristic in upbringings and has a highly superstitious population. Famous lines echo such as “Those who touch the Grey Wolf are bound for glory.” This has been seen as true, with famous military leaders rising from Greywood. A good example is Tobias Grey, current chief warlord. To be bestowed the last name Grey is considered a high honour.


The Forestlands connect to the city of Greywood, with one entire side of the city enveloped with forest. Guard training and rites of passage take place in the forest. Wood taken from the Forestlands is usually chosen by the druids so not to disturb the peace and magic of the place. The druids share a deep connection with the forest, their temple intermingling with the city and the Forestlands. Many creatures inhabit the Forestlands, from Kobold tribes, Gnoll settlements, and far more dangerous creatures in the Darklands, the deeper forest area. Creatures, rare if often, venture towards the city, and are usually taken care of by the Druids.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace holds some of the most valuable treasures from foreign lands. As trade is high in Greywood, exporting lumber for the current war for naval ships, and rare flowers for dyes and scents. Imports come by card along the road as far as Fellstone, usually with a plethora of gems and minerals. Undoubtedly, Greywood is a wealthy city.

The Camps

As with all wars comes refugees and Greywood is no exception. Although far from the coastline and the battle area, Greywood has received a sizable gnome population from the war, some intent to stay. The gnomes set up camp in the Northwestern side of town, usually selling odd items from the war, or setting up shrines to Gun, their god. The gnomes have garnered a representative in Greywood so that they are able to melt into the population easier.

The Cabins / The Reds

The Cabins, or The Reds, are an exquisite yet posh place. All the houses in this North Eastern corner of the city are built from ancient Redwoods, so houses range up into the sky rather than outward. Housing for out-of-towners, foreign diplomats, and the well off is undoubtedly here.

The Thorns

The poorer side of town, sprawled across the southwestern area of the city, is still filled with adequate living and good life. Most of the population lives in the thorns, and live a good long life, their work is mostly menial labour involving guard duty, lumber mill work, or the fields. Religious, hardworking, wine loving people. Popular saying of the area: “Never a rose without its thorns.”

The Flats

The Flats, which span from the middle west to middle east of town are filled with merchants, performers, and government employ. Usually middle class folk and city oriented thinkers liver here. The Flats are considered, flat, the lodgings all reach the same high and length in their area, making it sometimes hard to find one’s house. The Sanctum, a tall tower, stands in the midsts of the flats, the only building in the entire city made out of stone.

Military Life

Greywood has a mandatory training policy. When someone becomes legal age, they are put on a list to go for military training. This can take up to two weeks in the forest, with an instructor and some guides, to learn the military importance of the city. The age is usually between 18-24. Upon objections, they instead are forced to work at the mills, or in the fields, taking up training in these fields. In rare cases, some are chosen by priests to go to learn the training of Clerics in Cascada, while others seek out the druids to learn their ways and become part of there numbers.

Other Notes

Regional Feat: Swift and Silent

Local Area Mount: Dire Wolf


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