The Age of Metal

Starting with the creation of the Thyrim Empire in the year 6000, came the Age of Metal. Advances in weaponry and health were made. Larger infrastructural improvements were made within the first 500 years than the last 3000. The Dwarven Empire spanned across the entire range of mountains, save for what was a small area as Cascada. Cascada played neutral, and the Dwarves, although controlling most of the land from coast to coast, cared little to leave their mountains.

Split off from the rest of the world, the Elves and Gnomes began to enter uneasy relations during the later years of the Age of Metal. The Age of Metal’s end is harder to pinpoint, but many historians agree that 8100 is the point when the complete collapse of is noted, and the rise of the current Elven situation had reached a point of quarrel that it merited a change of Age.

Important Events

  • A human revolt during 7999 led to the creation of Grell.
  • The Fall of the Thyrim Empire happens in the year 8044, where the last of the human slaves were freed and went south founding Vadera by one human who took control. The fall of the empire caused is still applicable today because the Dwarven empire now exists as the Eastern Dwarven Empire, where the west because the Fellstone Federation.

The Age of Metal

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