The Age of Peace

The Age of Peace expands the next 2500 years of history. In these years of prosperity, many of the races met and began basic trading. Although violence existed, it never reached a level of massive proportions as the Age of Metal. This age also marks the disappearance of the Gods. As the races began to meet the Gods disappeared and it is still unsure as to why. Some say that the gods felt uneasy because the creator of Humans did not walk the earth. Others say it was to fight among themselves.

Racial tension rises within the age of peace, to a point of uneasiness. The elves, gone with the gnomes to another continent left the humans, halflings, and Dwarves alone. Thyrim Volsung, a dwarf, ended up taking control of the Dwarves, enslaving the Human Race, and creating the Thyrim Empire; thus, the age of Metal came.

Important Events

  • The Disappearance of the gods is one of the most talked about issues during this period. To the current day it is still contested.
  • The formation of Cascada is contested but believed to have happened around 3500, by the mythics of each race.
  • The creation of the Thyrim Empire about the year 6000.

The Age of Peace

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