The Gods

The Gods

Calin – Great Eye

Agnor – The Lover; The Creator

Gun – The First Child; The Sly One

Gnir – God of the Earth; Keeper of the Stone

Chantico – Goddess of Air; The Butterfly; Goddess of the Sky

Enyo – Goddess of the Forest; The Green Women

Clarent – God of Tradition and Travel; The Fealty Hand

Itzli – Goddess of Change; The Fallen Comet

Tizona – The Golden Sword; The Flaming Sword

Circe – Goddess of Magic; The Darkness

The Demi-Gods

Many of the Demi-Gods stories come from myths and legends within the culture of the races. Although there is worship for these figures, little is known of their existence and connection to the Material Plane. Some historians argue that the figures are ascended, figures who have done well in the eye of a god that they have gained power for it. Others places them as stories that have placement in children’s beds. Either way, there is small sects of worshippers for each Demi-God.

Dra’el the Wise



The Eternal

The Faceless One

The Grey Wolf

Dragon Turtle

The Nameless One

Gold Dragon

The Spider Queen

The Gods

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