The Nameless One

In the forests which are now part of Greywood, was a small village. The village men and women spent their time tilling the earth and staying within their farms, the land given to them by the gods.

One day, as man had finished working on his farm, he heard a voice. It called to him, promised him riches and spoke to his wildest dreams. The man began to follow the voice.

“Come further,” it said. Come further to your future." He followed the voice to the edge of the village. “I shouldn’t go further,” he replied. “The gods stop me here.”

“Come further and you shall be a god. You shall rule your land and do as you wish.”

The man followed the voice, with gold and silver and all riches in mind. The further he went, the darker it became, but the voice never stopped beckoning to him.

Soon, he lost everything: he lost time, direction, even his name.

But when the voice stopped, he realized he had found his home. He had no need for a name. he had risen above it, and in the lands he had become a god.

Players Take Note

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Holy Symbol: Unknown


  • Madness

The Nameless One

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